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Welcome! I'm Sophia Winter.

Lifestyle Consultant: someone who helps clients improve various aspects of their life such a relationships, self-image, diet, wellness, mindset, and style. A lifestyle consultant evaluates the client's current circumstances, discusses their goals, and provides tangible steps and support to help make the desired changes.

I found my way to this work through trial and error. I began my journey as a holistic health coach focusing primarily on diet, exercise, and integrative wellness. 


I then narrowed my focus to being a connection coach; teaching clients how to effectively connect with themselves and others by strengthening communication skills and building confidence. 

However, as time progressed, so did my business.

In addition to my work as lifestyle consultant, I also work as an art consultant. My art consulting work began spilling over into my coaching work and ultimately I realized that creative consulting and wellness consulting do not have to live separately.

In fact, they are largely inextricable from one another.

I now combine my skillsets into one offering that I refer to as lifestyle consulting. This means that I support clients in a number of ways to help them improve multiple areas of their life using creative problem solving, psychology, integrative wellness principles, and much more.

As a consultant, I work with you to identify where you are dissatisfied in life and build a plan that is custom to you. This plan often includes refreshing your diet, daily routine, improving your relationship to yourself and others, and curating a life experience that excite you.


Renew your lifestyle from the way you start your morning, to the way you dress yourself, the way you talk to yourself, and beyond.

Ready to get started? Click here.


Holistic Health Coach (IIN)
Life & Success Coach
NLP Practitioner
TIME Techniques
EFT Practitioner
Yoga 200hr
Ayurveda Practitioner
Subconscious Change Practitioner
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