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Brand Consulting

Questions? Email me at

My brand consulting services offer business owners a unique perspective to developing their product or service.

Coming from a multi-disciplinary background, I'm able to apply a vast array of knowledge to each project.

My speciality is in the brainstorming phase (or the beginning phases) of brand development.

I have a knack for asking high-mileage questions that generate fresh perspectives on tired problems.

My background as a life/wellness coach allows you the opportunity to also grow your confidence and

clarity to ensure you have a solid foundation as you move through the stages of growing a business.

By working together, you will not only grow your brand awareness but also your self-awareness

as you begin to tap into the deepest part of your creativity and discover the solutions and methods that work for you.

Initial Brand Consultation

I curate my packages to fit the needs of each client.

Once I have an understanding of the type of work you're looking to do, we will co-create a plan that suits your brand, budget, and desires.

To begin this process, click "inquire here" to fill out the pre-call form and book a free 15-minute consultation!

I look forward to connecting and I am so excited for you!

Previous Client Work

  • Brand identity package for female health supplement

  • Developing an original logo and overall brand aesthetic for mixed media artist

  • Curating website copy for lifestyle brand product

  • Ideating community outreach events for brand awareness on behalf of a wellness company

  • Composing a brand strategy package to deliver to graphic and web designers for actionable creation

When I first embarked on my journey with Monarchs, I was determined to create a strong foundation and establish a clear, compelling vision for my brand's identity. As a passionate entrepreneur, I found myself deeply immersed in every aspect of the business, from operations and management to design and marketing. Although I was heavily involved in each aspect of the process, I found it challenging to step back and articulate my ultimate goals and aspirations for the brand.


It wasn't until I had the opportunity to sit down with Sophia for a brainstorming session that I was finally able to organize my thoughts and put them on paper. Sophia's natural talent for active listening and her ability to empathize with my vision allowed us to engage in a meaningful and fruitful conversation that was essential in helping me clarify my objectives.


By attentively listening to my desires and truly sensing the passion I had for my brand, Sophia was able to take the initiative and present me with a design concept that flawlessly encapsulated my dream. She not only understood my vision but also took it a step further by introducing innovative ideas I hadn't previously considered. Sophia meticulously fine-tuned the colors, typography, and overall ambiance of my brand, creating a cohesive and captivating identity that I could be proud of.


One of Sophia's most exceptional qualities is her ability to listen with more than just her ears. She listens with her heart and fully immerses herself in the emotions and passions of her clients. This unique skill set allows her to truly understand the essence of their vision and create designs that resonate deeply with their target audience. Sophia's empathetic approach, combined with her keen eye for design and innovative thinking, sets her apart from others in the field, making her an invaluable asset to anyone looking to create a powerful brand identity.

-Milokssy Resto; Founder of Monarchs

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