Cultivate Confidence. Create Connection. 

10 years ago, I constantly craved connection; I had little to no connection with myself and others.

After spending so much time by myself, I realized that there is a difference between isolation and solitude.


When someone intentionally retreats to spend time alone, recharge, and balance, I call that being in solitude. 


Most of my pre-college life was spent in isolation.

While I was thankful to have a few close friends, I always wondered what it would feel like to belong to a "group" or be part of a community outside of my immediate family.

When I first arrived at college, I knew nobody but had gotten to know myself pretty well. I quickly learned that my ability to connect with others was stronger than I once thought.

With each new face, came a new friend. With each new friend, came a flourishing friendship, and with each new friendship, my cup overflowed more and more. 

During college, I discovered the Blue Zone regions and learned that "connection" is one of the defining factors to living a long and fulfilling life.


I became fascinated by the numerous ways we can facilitate a sense connection with others.


Whether through eye contact, body language or conversation techniques, we can utilize these tools to enhance our confidence, connect with others, and ultimately experience greater joy, satisfaction, and peace.

I value connection as one of the core qualities of life. I've made it my mission to provide the tools, resources, and guidance to help other people discover the same feeling of abundance as I did.

If you're interested in cultivating your confidence and creating connection, then select a time on the link below to begin!



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  • Hypnotherapist
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