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Grow your confidence and create meaningful connection with
yourself and others

Hi, I’m Sophia -

I like to call myself a connection coach. I help people create connection easily and effortlessly with themselves and others by building their confidence and providing tools that help them to

think and feel better.


I've always strived to be able to have a conversation with anyone about anything. Even if I'm unfamiliar with the topic, I love creating a strong connection with others by asking interesting questions that make them feel good and comfortable.

With my coaching method, I am intent on guiding those I work with through an experience of self-sourcing their desired resources as they travel closer to gaining clarity around who they are, whom they want to be, and where they want to go.

Together, we co-create a space where we can infuse play and curiosity as we transform old beliefs into new ones, clear mental and emotional blocks, and reach greater levels of self-awareness by embracing the whole of your experience. 

Through the lens of Integrative Wellness, I'm able to infuse my love of solution-driven strategy, holistic healing, and desire to connect with others to offer a unique experience to each of my clients.

To me, that is the definition of Integrative Wellness:

a holistic way of transformative healing that is unique to you


Hypnosis Practitioner
Life + Success Coaching

Yoga 200hr + Ayurveda Practioner
Holistic Health Coaching


How It Works

Clarity Call

Let's start by connecting.


On this Clarity Call, we will spend 15 minutes evaluating our chemistry as Coach and Client. This will be a chance for you to ask questions and understand how we can work together to achieve lasting success and transformation.

Choose a Package

I support a variety of clients with various backgrounds and circumstances. 

Explore my offerings below to discover which option is best suited for you.

Connection Confidence

By working together, we will explore the ways in which you are currently unfulfilled or unsatisfied. Then, we will ignite a new mindset that allows you the space to feel whole, restored, and excited. We accomplish this through a sense of playfulness, curiosity, and openness.

*all coaching sessions available virtually

Sophia has a comprehensive grasp of the mind/body connection. Her ability to develop a therapeutic connection spoke of her talent and skill set.

After only one encounter, I noticed a significant degree of awareness that ignited positive thinking. I look forward to my next session.


Clinical Psychologist

My relationship with work was turning toxic. I was reacting to and triggered by situations and people almost daily. I reached out to Sophia because I wanted to stay with my job, but I didn’t know how to keep going.


While working together, I learned more about myself and why I was having such troubling reactions. I gained awareness of my patterns/energy/triggers and how they impacted my nervous system. I gained tools that helped me respond when I didn’t want to change my work situation just yet. 


Now, my relationship with work is entirely different when my work situation didn’t change at all. She cleared up the lens in which I look at my work and her coaching + our relationship is an essential part of my life today.


I see the value in bringing awareness to myself in all areas of life, and Sophia is the perfect person to work with to achieve success and balance in all areas of life. I can honestly say I’ve applied her techniques to multiple areas in my professional and personal life and feel a radical, more balanced shift that allows me to confidently move through each day.


Talent Coordinator

Sophia’s warm spirit allowed me to open up about my struggles with worthiness. I felt safe and heard.


During my session, I had a massive shift! I left the session feeling whole, worthy, and excited to move forward in my life. I’m so grateful, thank you!!



Mindset Coach

Sophia gave me an instant and much needed break in a stream of thoughts and anxieties that I felt I had lost control over.


With her careful guidance, I actually enjoyed myself during this full process of exploring my mind. 


I came away from it with new perspectives I’d never even considered. New awareness I never knew I needed. Instantly implementable in all areas of my work and life. A true gift.



Sophia’s calming presence, intentional communication, and empathic gifts have been pivotal in both my personal and work life.

As a singer/songwriter, Sophia has helped me tap into my authentic voice and work through bouts of imposter syndrome.



My breakthrough session with Sophia was incredible! From the very beginning to the very end was an amazing experience.

She held space for me to be open and guided me through the entire technique. I came to her with an inner conflict that I had  been struggling with for many years and had gotten to where I thought "that's just the way things were."

She helped me to see things differently and I feel so free! Thank you so much for this amazing session.



Mindset Coach

I have to say that the work in my session with Sophia has been deeper and the change was more profound than anything I have tried before. Before your session, I was flustered, upset, and frustrated. Speaking 100 words/minute about absolutely nothing. My heart rate was through the roof and I just needed to cry. Sophia held spade for me to be my most vulnerable so I could release and heal.


I couldn’t believe what she was able to do in that 1 hour. This grief has been buried deep underneath all my "busy work and personal life". Sophia is compassionate and non-judgmental.


I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who is considering EFT for the first time or for ongoing treatment.

THANK YOU for holding my hand while taking my first steps towards this new journey of self-love.


Chief of Staff



Sophia has allowed me to come to terms with the act of letting go. She was able to help me understand how years become layers that must be pulled back from time to time in order to make progress. Her innate ability to navigate me in this process astounded me.


THANK YOU SO MUCH. I look forward to continuing our work in  future sessions.


Mixed Media Artist

Sophia was one of the biggest influences and helps during a difficult transition in my life.


She allowed me a safe space to be open and honest about my feelings, helped guide me to reconstruct my business and direction, and moreover gave me tools to implement in my everyday life that benefit my mental health and happiness.


Sophia is your person if you’re looking for someone who is down-to-earth, empathetic, and so genuinely kind and helpful. I am so grateful to have been a client of hers.


Creative Entrepreneur

My first session with Sophia left me in awe. I’ve been to a lot of different healers, coaches, etc. to help me move through certain blocks and the negative looping of my thoughts but Sophia’s methods not only healed them, but it happened in a matter of minutes. 

She has helped me move through mental blocks that I’ve carried for YEARS, in just a matter of minutes.

The tools and techniques she uses are easy to follow- all I had to do was show up. A session with Sophia left me with an internal peace that I haven’t been able to achieve in months.

I cannot recommend going to her enough!! If you’re searching for clarity/breakthroughs and are exhausted trying to find answers- you need to book a session with Sophia.


Sales Coordinator + Artist

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